U.S. Citizenship Test Preparation

CONGRATULATIONS for deciding to become a U.S. citizen!

At ADES Center, proud American citizen instructors have prepared a class for immigrants who are preparing to take the U.S. Citizenship test, or people who plan to become U.S. citizens in the near future. The class teaches:

  • Basic U.S. History
  • The importance of the U.S. Constitution in our government system.
  • The structure of the U.S. government and the three branches of our Federal government system.

Students will be trained on the 100 questions asked during the U.S. citizenship test. At the end, students will take a practice test, to make them ready for the actual exam. As part of the Citizenship test, the participants will also develop writing and reading English skills.

This Citizenship Test Preparation class is taught in English or in Spanish, according to the students needs. To become a U.S. citizen it is required to be able to speak, and understand basic English. However, depending on age, and time of residence in the United States the test can be taken in Spanish.

The citizenship classes are private and scheduled by previous agreement between the instructor and the student.

Should you have questions about citizenship lessons, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us, or visit the U.S. Government website for more information: