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ADES Language School is a private bilingual education Center in Tampa. ADES started its activities in Tampa bay in 2002 to help Spanish Speakers to learn English. In 2003 ADES added defensive driving courses to serve Hispanic clients, in 2005 ADES launched traffic school classes in English for the American community, in 2007 ADES Language School began offering Spanish Classes. ADES has always been distinguished for its unique methodology, bilingual courses, and a vast experience teaching adults. ADES stands for Academic Development in English and Spanish.

Learning Spanish is not longer an option for a better performance; in many fields it is almost mandatory. Spanish is the second most popular second language in Europe and the fourth in the world with 400 million speakers. In the United States Spanish is the most studied foreign language while around the world Spanish is the official language in about twenty one countries and four continents.

Speaking Spanish is also beneficial in many areas when communicating in today?s interconnected society. If you still have not decided to take some Spanish lessons, think about how globalization has brought the Hispanic influence to the media, healthcare system, educational field, and trading activities.

ADES system makes students learn how to write and to read in Spanish in just two weeks, it enables participants to build a vocabulary faster, to understand grammar rules and to reach the main goal: speak Spanish well.

Our Spanish classes are taught at your convenience, in groups or private lessons at our Tampa campus. All our instructors are bilingual and native Spanish speakers. Come over and experience the uniqueness of ADES.

ADES courses were designed by Leonor Mendiola Adams, she earned a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Tampa.


Spanish Classes

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$ 60.00/hour