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English Classes for Adults

Students taking my courses learn English through methods expertly designed for adult learners. At ADES we know that adults do not learn like children, and that a second language cannot be learned as a native tongue. Try a demonstration class today and find out why ADES is rated among the best English courses in the country.


Grammar & Writing

• Identify and use basic grammar rules
• Conjugate English verbs in all the tenses
• Use all the English language auxiliaries
• Construct sentences to communicate well


Vocabulary & Pronunciation

• Build vocabulary systematically
• Identify English sounds
• Make and Identify short and long vowel sounds
• Make and Identify consonants sounds


Auditory Memory

• Develop auditory memory
• Improve pronunciation
• Identify vocabulary through reading
• Understand English speakers



• Accelerate information processing
• Identify and use of abbreviations
• Understand idiomatic expressions
• Overcome stage fright

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Ideal Learning Environment

Learn together

Enjoy learning English in small groups with classmates that share your skill level. Stop attending classes that are too basic or too advanced for you.  

Empathic learning style

Feel understood

Our instructors speak more than one language. They know how you feel. All your questions are always welcome and will be answered. You are understood!

Confident Learning Approach

feel supported

Learning another language means to make many mistakes, but many! Don’t worry, we will teach you how to overcome them and learn from them.  

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Ready to Learn English?

Get Started in 3 easy steps!

Frequently asked questions

from interested students

Yes. Our lessons can be taken online from anywhere around the world. 

No. You do not need a student visa to learn English at ADES, because our lessons can be taken online.

No. You will not need to present any documentation, but you will need to fill out an application form and participate in a demonstration class at no cost.

Yes. All our lessons are conducted by certified professional English instructors within a specific schedule.

Yes. Some assistant instructors are native Americans, and Leonor is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. 

ADES English Courses were designed using a method of comparison of both languages to enhance understanding and assimilation of fundamental concepts. The effectiveness of this method has been proven over the years.