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Welcome to ADES, home of the methodology that has helped thousands of students learn English, go to college, and reach personal and professional success. Improve your language skills with a method designed specifically for Spanish-speaking adults.

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Academic Development in English & Spanish

Unlock Your English Potential with Tailored Courses at ADES!

Why settle for standard English courses when you can have personalized learning experiences?

At ADES, we understand that effective language learning goes beyond mere classroom interaction. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted our courses to address your specific needs and goals.

Understanding Instruction: “English students need to understand what their teachers say to learn the language.”

At ADES, we prioritize your understanding of instructors’ guidance, ensuring you’re equipped to master every lesson.

Pronunciation Improvement: “English students need more than listening to their teachers to learn pronunciation.”

Our expert teachers at ADES employ proven strategies to solidify your pronunciation skills, ensuring you speak with confidence and clarity.

Diverse Learning Needs: “English students need different methods to meet their needs, because they are diverse.”

Here at ADES, we celebrate diversity and offer specialized courses tailored for Latin learners, guaranteeing an inclusive and effective learning environment.

Experienced Instructors: “English students need seasoned instructors committed with their goals.”

✓ Join the ranks of hundreds of satisfied former students who have achieved their English language goals with the support of our expert teachers.


At ADES, it’s all about YOU!

English for Academic and Professional purposes

What will you learn at ADES ?



You will learn more than memorizing words. We will teach you techniques to remember and interpret them.



You will learn techniques to improve your pronunciation, to be understood, and understand when people talk to you.



You will learn to speak English at a professional level. We will teach you to conjugate and use all the English tenses.


Reading & writing

You will learn the name and the sounds of the letters in English. This will help you read, write, and pronounce very well.



You will learn techniques to develop auditory memory. We will tell you the reasons that affect good comprehension.


Build your confidence

You will learn to speak English very well, because learning English is much easier than learning Spanish!

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