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ADES has delivered English classes and Spanish classes in Tampa since 2003. ADES English Courses are provided for basic, intermediate, or advanced students interested in learning English as a second language. In 2004, ADES was approved and certified to provide Defensive Driving Courses in the state of Florida. Our Traffic Courses are accepted in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Osceola, Orange, Lee, and in the rest of the 67 counties of the state of Florida. ADES works with a team of professionals to help students complete their online or in-person courses successfully!

ADES English Courses

ADES has been helping people learn English since 2003 in Tampa, Florida. We teach how to build vocabulary, to conjugate verbs, to improve pronunciation, and to learn English with an academic level. ADES teaches Basic English, Intermediate English, and Advanced English. Our certified instructors have a vast experience in teaching English as a second languages to adults, using our unique methodology that is recognized and appreciated by thousands of students from different countries. More about ADES English Classes

ADES Traffic School Courses

ADES Traffic School is one of the oldest in Tampa, Florida.  ADES educational mission started in 2003 to help new drivers get licenses for the first time, to satisfy court ordered courses, to recover suspended driver licenses, and to avoid points in driving records. ADES Traffic School is certified and approved  for tickets received in Pinellas, Polk, Pasco, Hillsborough, Lee, Osceola, Orange, Miami-Dade, Broward, Marion, Lake, and the REST of the 67 counties in Florida. Our certificates are also accepted in Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, and North Carolina.

We offer Defensive Driving Courses in-person and online, and in English and Spanish to meet the needs of our bilingual state. We are ready to provide information about how and where to obtain driver licenses for the first time, traffic ticket options to avoid points, suspended driver licenses, and clerk of courts and DMV contacts to process traffic tickets. ADES Traffic School is the best rated school in Tampa. Our students appreciate our customer service, academic standards, and  our always friendly and respectful instructional environments.

Our educational mission is based on a sense of community. ADES’s founder emphasizes the educational approach in the driving environment to make safer roads with more committed citizens. ADES corporate social responsibility has supported the creation of other Traffic Schools in the state of Florida to enhance education, better driving interaction, and cultural integration.

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    review rating 5  This class was very useful leaned how to deal with people while driving and how to deal with stress. Leared somethings i didnt know and mrs.leonor was very good at explaining everything and was very active with the class.

    thumb Ann Clay

    review rating 5  This is by far the best traffic school I have attended. The instructor (Leonor Adams) is very attentive, makes the class interesting in addition to educational (one would think sitting for a 8-12 hour lecture on something we all do would be hell) Of course everyone has different levels of knowledge, but this class (and instructor) has an engaging way of teaching and making the class enjoyable. It was a 2 hour drive to this class, and while the drive was longer than I'd like to have taken, I definitely recommend it for anybody taking this course (I've taken other courses that felt like days as opposed to being a surprisingly enjoyable experience)

    thumb Ben Orr

    review rating 5  The instructors were great and did a great job. They made the time go by quickly in class.

    thumb Camaronut 1LE